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App European Youth Card of Aragón


Now you can find all the advantages of the European Youth Card of Aragón on your mobile with the app of the Carné Joven Europeo Aragón. Thousands of discounts on trips, accomodation, cinemas, museums, sports, leisure and many more wait for you in Aragón and in all Europe. Don't miss a thing!  

With the app of European Youth Card of Aragón you can carry with you your card in electronic format*, and check out all the advantages, raffles, discount-coupons and activities from your mobile phone. 


To access to your electronic card on the app:

1. Register in this site from here

2. Download the app on App Store de Apple or Google Play para Android.

3. Log in the app with the email and password with whcih you have registered on this site.


*If you hold a bank European Youth Card without a photo, you can upload your photo from your private espace, by clicking on Editar mis datos.



You cand download it on the App Store for Apple and on Google Play for Android.


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The European Youth Card is an initiative of the Aragón Institute of Youth, which allows young people to enjoy many benefits and discounts in different services. A card for young people between 14 and 30 valid both Aragón and the rest of the autonomous communities and in the 35 European member countries of the European Youth Card Association (EYCA). 6 millions of young people already profit from the 76.000 benefits of the European Youth Card. Join them!

The European Youth Card in Aragón costs 13,50€ and is valid for two years from the moment of issue. 

You can choose two modalities:

  • Classic It’s a personal and not transferable card, valid for 2 years from the time of application. It incorporates a photograph of the holder and main personal data. With it you can enjoy all the benefits and discounts associated with the European Youth Card Program. From 14 to 30 years.
  • Bank card: With the same benefits and discounts of the European Youth Card, it is also a bank card, that you can use to pay for your purchases in shops or to get cash at ATMs enjoying as well all the advantages that Ibercaja has for you. From 14 to 25 years.

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