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Legal advice


The Office of the European Youth Card gives you the possibility to consult, free, in a simple way and direct, questions and legal problems that may arise, on issues related to:

  • CONSUMPTION: Consumer Associations, businesses and institutions attached to the European Youth Card, discounts and benefits apply at all times in Aragón, Spain and Europe, etc.
  • HOUSING: support programs for rental or purchase of housing, youth homes, problems or concerns with the rent, etc.
  • JOB: Where to go in case of: breach of contract, if you want to build a business, new forms of contracts, etc.

You can access this advice in the following ways:

  • Telephone consultation by calling 976 71 68 56 from 9 am to 15 pm. (Monday to Friday) and from 16 pm to 19:30 pm (Monday to Thursday).
  • Make an appointment for a lawyer to attend your event personally, calling 976 71 68 56
  • By the e-mail

In either case you will get a quick answer to your questions.

Ask assert your rights with clear and accurate information in each case what you can do, through your European Youth Card.

Instituto Aragonés de la Juventud C/ Franco y López, 4
T. 976 71 68 56
European Youth Card Office Plaza Ángel Sanz Briz, 10 Local
T. 976 27 15 19

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