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General conditions


It has a cost of 13,50€ for 2 years.

The card is not transferable, only the holder himself can make use of it.

Valid for 2 years from the date of issue, or until you are 31 years old.

Approved to use in the rest of the Autonomous Communities and in the 35 European countries adhered to the program.

Includes free insurance travel assistance with coverage anywhere in the world.

You can identify the companies, entities and organizations partners of the program, identifying the adhesive which contains the logo of EYCA, the Government of Aragón and the sponsor Ibercaja.

To take advantage of the discounts and services provided you must present your card at the place, that may request you to present your ID, for verification. In case of fraudulent use of the card it may be retained and immediately notified to the Aragón Institute of Youth.

Note that some of the benefits that are published on this page will not be able to applied when:

  • The product is on sale.
  • There are special offers and promotions at that moment.
  • You want to pay using a credit card and the company does not accept this kind of checkout.

The advantages that are advertised on this website are offered to you in accordance with the signed cooperation agreements on the established prices of products and services. The European Youth Card Program of the Aragón Institute of Youth is not responsible for the failure applying the advantages offered by the contributors of the program if these had been changed without being reported.

It is important that you try to keep your European Youth Card without creases, scratches or other damage, or it may be rejected and you’d be forced to get a new one.

If any company, institution or organization doesn’t offer the advantage contained in the Guide, please inform the Office of the European Youth Card in Aragón (Aragón Institute of Youth) in order to clarify the situation, according to claim form.

The Visa Electron format that is also a European Youth Card, will operate as a provider of banking services. If you have any problem in this regard you will have to contact your bank.

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